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Never Has
There Been
A More
Gordon Solie



This page is dedicated
 to a man we all admired, respected and loved:
The Dean of Wrestling

Gordon Solie


  January 29, 1929
  July 27, 2000

Gordon Solie's final statement:

"There are times when words cannot properly define oneís thoughts or emotions. With all that has happened in my life over the past several months, this is certainly one of those times.


First and foremost I want to thank those of you who have passed along your well wishes. They are deeply appreciated. And considering the reason I have decided to deliver this statement, it is quite comforting to know during my final days here that I have had such a positive effect on so many of you.


With that said, I also want to thank each of you for allowing me to be a small part of your lives, even if it might have been for just a few hours each week. And I want to thank you for allowing me to tell you a story; a story that I never got tired of... a story that could be told ten thousand times... a story that could have a different ending each and every time it was told.


To be quite honest, when my wife "Smokey" passed away more than two years ago, it could have been very easy for me to throw in the towel. But that wasnít me. Then the throat cancer came, and again it could have been very easy to give up. But again, that wasnít me. The bottom line is that Iíve never been a quitter. As a matter of fact at one point I thought I had this damn disease beat. Obviously I didnít.


While only the good Lord knows how much time I actually have left here, in my final days I ask that you not grieve for me, but rather remember me fondly as you would an old friend. In my eyes I lived a full and satisfying life that some only dream of fulfilling.


Over the years Iíve had my share of heat with some people. How insignificant all that seems today. So being reflective, I hold no grudges and I have no ill will toward anyone. Let bygones be bygones...


Well, I suppose thereís not much more to say here, except for a line that I once made famous and is now more appropriate than ever.


So long.... from the Sunshine State.


Peace to all.





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