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To Get
To The Gold,
You Have
To Have A
Good Manager


  Big Biz Holding the BeltWHY . . . 

Well, the real question is why shouldn't you contact "The Biz?" Why would you want to take a chance with your wrestling career? Itís better to use the wisdom of those who have already gained the knowledge of how to win the gold than to worry about gaining it yourself. Itís all a matter of timing and "Big Business" can put you in the spotlight and in front of the cameras long before you can do it for yourself.

 . . . how much work do you think it takes to get a championship match? Baby! It ainít easy . . ., but as your manager, your agent, and your chief CGO (Career Guiding Officer) "Big Business" can get the job done for you in a matter of days. The only thing he canít do is get in the ring and do your match for you, but he can help out there too, because most wrestlers today are great actually wrestling in the ring but very few know how to promote their talent and business interests. They don't know how to talk on the microphone, sell their image or products and/or make important contacts around the country.

 . . . takes his wrestlers under his wing; he gives them an identity; he does their planning for them; he signs their contracts for them, and provides them with excellent representation at ringside. He not only accompanies them, he stays with them throughout their entire contractual obligations from the locker room to the ring and backstage with championship GOLD around their waist - not to mention $$$$ in their pockets.

DON'T . . .
 . . . make the mistake of trying to do this on your own. This business is too cut-throat and sometimes it's not what you can do in the ring, but who you know that can put you in the ring. Let "Business" handle it; after all, that's why they call him "Big Biz!"



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